• Image of FULL S10 SETUP
  • Image of FULL S10 SETUP
  • Image of FULL S10 SETUP
  • Image of FULL S10 SETUP
  • Image of FULL S10 SETUP

We offer a FULL S10 Has Mask Setup for Airsoft Use, to make it easier for you which includes:

Grade1 S10 Gas Mask
FULL Set of Lenses
Airsoft Ready Filter
Clansman Mic

& FREE LIMITED OFFER Screw Top Ammo Pouch

We select you an S10 Grade1 (excellent) to the size which you choose,
Size 1 - Large
Size 2 - Medium & most common
Size 3 - Smaller
Size 4 - Small

We check & sterilise it, remove all valves to make you breathe easier whilst playing, remove and install our Polycarbonate replacement lenses (either clear or smoke tinted), check straps and fittings are secure.

We open, prepare and reassemble an S10 Filter leaving it safe to breathe through and easy for airsoft.

We include an extra set of lenses & some red tint sheets as well as a "Tester" lens for you to shoot to test the lens strength.

We also include an original Clansman S10 Mask Mic which attaches onto the front right of the mask. This would usually attach to a PTT then radio, or if you don't have those then just tuck it into the top of your collar and look cool ;-)

For a limited time the Full Setup includes a FREE Screw Top Ammo Pouch (rrp £9.99)


Disclaimer: it's your responsibility to play safe and stick to your site rules. Please use the "tester" lens to check they are suitable for your sport. We take no responsibility in damage or injury caused by improper use. In purchasing this item you agree you are soley responsible for its use.

(We also sell the lenses and filters separately for your convenience.